Whether you suffered a serious personal injury caused by a work-related injury, a motor vehicle accident, a slip-and-fall accident or otherwise, the personal injury attorneys at Polloway & Polloway, LLP understand that you and your family's lives can become greatly disrupted at such a time.

At the law firm of Polloway & Polloway, LLP, in Red Bank, New Jersey, experienced personal injury attorneys take a personalized approach to discuss not only the legal aspects of our clients' injuries but also the economic, emotional, and physical ramifications.

To protect your legal rights in the case of a serious personal injury, it is generally prudent to consult as soon as possible with a skilled personal injury lawyer to discuss the components of your claim like medical treatment and expenses, your lost wages, your future medical care, your permanency of injury and your pain and suffering.
If you have been seriously injured as the result of any of the following types of accidents in New Jersey, the attorneys at Polloway & Polloway, LLP can safeguard your rights and help you to recover the compensation that you legally deserve:
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • Slip & Fall Accidents
  • Unsafe Premises
  • Construction Site Accidents
  • Workplace and/or Work-related Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Legal Malpractice
  • Defective Products, Machinery or Drugs
  • Dog Bites
  • Pharmaceutical Mishaps
  • Accidents Involving Machinery
  • Recreational Accidents
  • Amusement Park Accidents
  • Wrongful Death Actions
Polloway & Polloway, LLP will handle your personal injury case on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we will pay for all of the expenses of the case and we will only earn an attorney fee when we resolve your case. Our track record for favorable settlements and verdicts for our clients is based on the individual attention that we give to our clients in the form of our compassion, strategy and performance.

If you have suffered a personal injury from one of the accidents or events listed above, then contact the law firm of Polloway & Polloway, LLP to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case, your rights and what you can rightfully expect in terms of a resolution.
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