Estate planning can be one of the most difficult things you do in your life. But it's also one of the most important steps to insuring that your family is taken care of and understands how your estate is to be handled after your death. Without a Will, your entire estate can be probated by the state, possibly leaving your family out entirely.

We Can Get You Organized

Financial organization plays a large role in determining the direction and planning of your estate. Once you have a clear picture of where your assets lie, you can better dictate the features of your Will to your family. We can help you put your records together in a unified way to not only make the process easier, but to keep your Will as concise and clear as possible.
Once you're organized, we can help you determine the best strategy for developing your Will. Taxes are a huge concern for most people when planning their estate, and we can advise you on the most desirable outcomes for the particular features of your estate. Gifts, trusts and other options could be available to you as well, and we can discuss those in detail with you.

Probate Assistance

If you need help with the confusing steps to probating the Will of a loved one, we can help. We can assist with any legal disputes that may arise, from disinheritance of estranged children and spouses, to the division of personal and sentimental property.
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